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Krueger Enterprises has been installing Cedar shingles and shakes roofs for over 25 years and can help you in deciding if a cedar roof is the right choice for your home.


Naturally resistant to rot and decay, cedar roofing shingles and shakes are known for their stability and straight grain, as well as their warm, reddish colouring. Left untreated, they will age to a natural silver-grey colour.


Cedar roofing shingles and shakes are also an environmentally friendly renewable resource and offer a natural look with a long lasting quality finish. As a result of the variations in colour, width and thickness, no two Cedar roofs will ever look exactly the same.

Krueger Enterprises is proud to be an installer of Brava cedar roofing in Manitoba.   Brava is a realistic, true to life look of hand-split cedar shake, with the lon-lasting durability of composite materials. 



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